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Private wealth held by UHNW households in Qatar is expected to grow by a remarkable 14.5% in the coming five years. By 2025, this specific sector will be observing the highest growth.

Private wealth held by the upper high-net-worth (HNW) sector is expected to increase at the rate of 3.6% over the next five years, it said, adding private wealth held by the lower HNW segment will rise to 5.3%. These rising investors are highly complex and require instant access to information along with innovative mobile solutions, these investors demand highly personalized services and favor forte portfolios to their interest with viable ways to invest. This is the next-gen of customers that are most likely to adopt WealthTech solutions.

The Wealth Tech Qatar presents key issues on what major obstacles the wealth and asset management industry stand facing in 2021 and beyond, and which technological innovations will help them confront these challenges and succeed further. The summit talks about the key challenges faced by wealth and asset managers in Digital acceptance, Operational risks, Credit quality, Revenue compression, Liquidity pressures and how data analytics, artificial intelligence and automation play a vital role in helping wealth and asset managers. In this summit, delegates will witness power packed keynote talks, curated panel discussions with industry peers discussing on key issues.

Wealth Tech Qatar

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Wealth Tech Qatar

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Wealth Tech Qatar raises critical questions on what major hurdles the wealth management industry faces in 2021 and beyond, and which technological innovations will help them tackle these challenges and succeed further. The summit explores the role that data analytics, automation and artificial intelligence, and even open banking can play in helping wealth managers better serve their customers. Featuring input from experts at major global and local financial institutions, this forum outlines what changes and strategies can be implemented right now to ensure that wealth management firms thrive in these interesting times of digital transformation.

If you are ready to innovate and join the ranks of the biggest innovators while resonating with the following reasons compelling enough to attend, then register today:

Gain Knowledge and Insights from Top Industry Leaders and Experts from across the globe

Network with Industry Peers in a solution-oriented environment

Discuss Significant Partnerships and Collaborations with Industry leaders

Deep Dive into Insights derived from real-time case studies

Build Industry Ecosystem Collaboration to address latest challenges